Top 5 Faves of Winter ‘18

It looks like Christmas has come early with the Salesforce Winter ’18 Release. There are a lot of exciting upgrades and new features this time around and our very own, King Koo is sharing his top 5 favorites. One thing is for sure, Lightning has seen major improvements and we are excited to start the transition with many of our clients. Put Lightning on your wish list this holiday season. You can clearly see why it’s a must.

1. List View Changes

There are so many changes to list views in Winter ‘18, and they are amazing. To start, the width for each column is now dynamic and is based on how much data is in the column. You have the option to wrap text or clip text for each column, so if you have a lot of content for a specific field, you use less width space for the column but still can see all your data for that column by choosing the wrap text option. Not only that but you can now clone an existing list view, a function that until this point was only available in Classic. With all these exciting changes to list views, what’s not to love?

List View Changes

2. Lightning Lead Conversion with Ease

If you have ever used the Lead Conversion function in Classic, you know how clunky the process is, especially if the system detects potential duplicate accounts or contacts. The new Lead Conversion process, which is available in Lightning, is much more powerful and intelligent and we are jazzed about it. When you convert a lead, the system immediately shows you all the potential duplicate accounts and contacts, all in one glance. What surpasses Classic’s Lead Conversion is that it can even show you potential duplicate opportunities. This way you know you are always keeping your data clean. Who doesn’t love clean data?

Lightning Lead Conversion with Ease

3. Lightning Report Builder

Even though this is only in beta in this release, it is such an important feature that we just have to give it a big shout out. Starting in Winter ‘18, you are finally able to create reports in Lightning. We love it because the report creation process is simplified. For example, you no longer have to specify if you’re creating a tabular or summary or matrix report. Salesforce just knows based on what you’re adding to the report. If you have been using Einstein Analytics, you will also notice how similar the interface is when you are adding charts to your reports. Happy reporting!

Lightning Report Builder

4. Einstein Analytics Enhancements

Speaking of Einstein Analytics (which, by the way, is the new name of Wave Analytics starting in Summer ‘18), this release we see some fun enhancements that makes us love Analytics even more. Who knew that was possible? You can now easily adjust column order in values table by simply dragging and dropping columns. It sure is a time saver. If you don’t know which chart you should use to visualize your data, let Einstein Analytics give you some suggestions! Finally, with the new auto-zoom capability, when you select data points on a map, the map will zoom in to the part of the map you select. This makes geographical data analysis so much more fun to do!

Einstein Analytics Enhancements

5. Community User Management

Previously, to manage your community users, you had to be in Classic, which made Lightning adoption a little harder. Now, by simply adding a few Lightning actions on your page layout, you can easily manage your community users. You can even log in to the community as your community users all within Lightning. This is awesome because it makes previewing and troubleshooting for your community users so much easier. Winter ‘18 also brings in a brand-new community template for building customer community, helping you build attractive and eye-pleasing portals and improve customer relationships.

Community User Management

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