Top 5 Favorite Summer ’17 Release Features

The Summer ’17 Release is here!

Summer is among us, and so is the newest Salesforce Release! There are some great features with this update and our team is eager to explore all of them. To save you some time, we have highlighted our Top 5 Favorites and why we are excited about them!

Check it out:

1. Lightning for Gmail

Lightning for Gmail was in beta in the last release but is now available for Summer ’17.  We love it because, just like Lightning for Outlook, you can view Salesforce data that is relevant to the specific email you are viewing including Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. You can also quickly relate your email to your Salesforce records and even decide which email attachments you want to add to your associated records.

2. Improvement in Lightning Service Console

For Spring ’17, we told you we loved the introduction of the Lightning version of Service Cloud Console. The tab-style navigation of the console makes it incredibly easy for your service agents to have a 360-degree view of the cases they are working on. We love the enhancements in Summer ’17 because they can make huge improvements to the productivity of your agents. The new split view allows agents to see a full list of cases in addition to the specific cases they are working on. Keyboard shortcuts enable users who are keyboard oriented to quickly toggle between tasks such as moving between tabs and creating records.

3. New Wave Explorer in Analytics Cloud

The Wave Explorer has gone through a major makeover in Summer ’17. We love it because the reorganization of how you slice and dice your data means your screen is less cluttered than before. What’s more, you now have the same set of chart types within your explorer before you clip your lens into the Dashboard Designer. The Visual Action Designer allows you to go from insight to action quickly. You no longer need to have experience in JSON and can quickly configure what actions you want to make available to your users by click, not code.

4. Improvements to Kanban

Kanban was introduced back in Winter ‘16 as Opportunity Board and over time it has really evolved. Summer ’17 brings two very major improvements to Kanban and we absolutely love them. Previously, you were only able to summarize your Kanban grouping with currency fields. With Summer ’17 you can now summarize your data with numeric fields. You can also group your data by owner, not just by a picklist field. Changing ownership of a record can now be easily done on your Kanban view.

5. Knowledge in Lightning

Knowledge is a very important piece in support organizations that rely heavily on articles and documentation. Summer ’17 brings this functionality into Lightning. By turning Knowledge into a first-class object, you can now configure knowledge the same way you configure any other standard object and we love this consistency. Moreover, Lightning Knowledge is now available for Communities using the Napili template.

So there you have it! Our top 5 favorites features. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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If you missed our Top 5 favorites from the Spring Release, check them out below:

  1. Forecasting in Lighting: Helps teams project sales revenue and quantities from the opportunity pipeline without switching to Salesforce Classic.
  2. Duplicate Management in Lightning: Shows your sales reps a list of potential duplicates.
  3. Service Cloud Console in Lighting: Gives your service agents a 360-degree view of the cases they are working on.
  4. New & Enhanced Wave Charts: More visually appealing way to view your data.
  5. Personalized Community Content: Adapt your content specifically to your customer’s location!

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