The Utilities industry is experiencing a rapid and profound transformation. A new generation mix, coupled with regulatory changes, technology innovation, and the growing availability of greener options has resulted in an increasing need for companies to focus on delivering superior customer experiences.

Society is so dependent on electricity and customers want safe, reliable, and clean energy. Utilities must reimagine the way they approach engagement throughout the entire customer journey.

Major trends are showing the increasing need to focus on delivering a superior customer experience driving satisfaction and greater loyalty. It will be essential to build a strong brand to sell diversified products and services and grow market share in the industry.

What’s holding you back?

  • Siloed organizations and processes dealing with various customer interaction channels.
  • Declining energy consumption and shift to smarter technologies.
  • Lack of visibility across departments on client experience.
  • Too many options for managing customer transactions.
  • Disconnect across departments with numerous manual workflow processes.
  • Lack of corporate memory tool for internal information sharing of customer and partner interactions.
  • Absence of Sales pipeline management tool and pipeline visibility.
  • Standard communications with customers such as monthly bills, inserts and irrelevant offers.
  • Automation for all customer engagement lacks sincerity, connection and personalization.
  • Multiple platforms for managing stakeholder, partner, and customer interactions.
Utility Infographic



A single agile platform to monitor your entire customer and stakeholder journey that integrates with existing systems to give you a real-time view of all your data. Don’t just respond to customer requests, keep them engaged with digital campaigns and optimize the customer service journey by lowering customer effort, and improving their overall experience.


  • Single platform of engagement with a 360 degree view of customer journey.
  • Greater collaboration, knowledge sharing and community approach between employees and partners.
  • Standardized sales process and unity across all departments.
  • Increased operational efficiencies and productivity through automated workflows.
  • Simple, seamless experience across channels and devices.
  • Visibility into all customer interactions and ability to tailor communications and engagement as needed.
  • Generation of targeted marketing based on customer segmentation and establishment.
  • Reduced cost to service and reduced customer effort.
  • Reporting automation and production data visibility.
  • Real-time notifications to allow preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Resource and asset management through scheduling, compliance reporting, and sourcing.