Surplus Management

Recording, managing, and selling your surplus – SIMPLIFIED!

Automate Processes; Enhance Efficiencies; Reduce Landfill; Increase Access; Maximize Value!

Identifying and managing surplus is the key to maximizing recovery values. Not only is it good for business, it’s good for the environment. So, reduce landfill deposits and recover millions of dollars of value in surplus assets by taking things to the cloud with a Surplus Management accelerator.

  • Up to 10% of an organizations total assets are either non-performing or surplus
  • Organizations with a formal surplus management process show up to a 20x return on the disposition of that surplus
  • The additional dollars generated translate immediately to bottom-line profit improvement
  • The average holding cost for surplus assets are 20% of the book/fair market value
  • The solution works as your full-time surplus manager!

    • Streamlines processes for identifying, cataloging, redeploying and selling surplus assets
    • Provides complete visibility of all identified surplus
    • Automates the identifications, management and sale of surplus
    • Allows access to thousands of pre-approved buyers
    • Runs reports on surplus inventory and surplus sales
    • Provides full disposition audit trails
    • Gives access to emergency spares
    • Trims costs and reduces capital spend
    • Maximizes the value of your existing assets
    • Creates a direct revenue stream
    • Saves on employee resources

    It’s good for the Planet, People, and Profits!

    Don’t let your surplus accumulate and lose value. Let us help you maximize it’s worth through effective redeployment and strategic processes.