Supply Chain Management

It’s time to take your SCM strategy to the cloud!

The key to maximizing efficiencies in supply chain management is to engage in a close collaboration with your supplier. Salesforce is the ideal platform as it provides the accessibility required to exchange information and facilitate this relationship. From monitoring supplier performance to managing spent and realized savings, a cloud platform will provide the single source of truth to support a quick decision process needed in an increasingly competitive and price conscious world.

You can achieve this by integrating all your various data sources on one platform (Salesforce) to deliver consolidated performance KPI’s, category and subcategory spent and savings analysis by initiative or project, in real time. This information is available at your team’s fingertips, regardless of location or device.

Key benefits include:

We recognize the importance of SCM goes far beyond just efficiency to things like compliance, customer and supplier relationship management, overall process improvement, and systems that support good practice.

Well don’t fret. This can all be achieved through taking your SCM practice to the cloud with Salesforce and we can help you get there. We look forward to hearing from you and getting started on your digital transformation.