Individual Insurance

Quickly collect monthly premiums by ensuring data accuracy and prompt application approval with Third Wave’s mobile-enhanced insurance accelerator.

What’s holding you back?

  • A lack in the progressive tools necessary to set your service apart from your competitors’ products.
  • Inaccuracies in data, quotes or applications that hinder the approval process.
  • No ease of access to member’s history to better understand their needs.
  • Lack of insight into all aspects of your team’s sales activities and project targets.
  • No clarity in movements of team in the pipeline.
  • Limited access to sales performance data.
  • No convenient opportunities for timely communication.
  • Difficulty in keeping track of the license and insurance information of brokers and agents.

What it is

Third Wave’s mobile-enhanced insurance accelerator provides the ability to take timely action and plan for meaningful sales growth. Stay ahead of your competition and increase revenue with intuitive, competitive tools that optimize the sales process.

All the information at your fingertips

  • Remote accessibility to essential information with various mobile-enabled quote and application tools.
  • Streamline application processing by automating tasks and notifications Comprehensive, mobile access into members’ history and data.
  • Insight into calculated commission data of your inside sales and external brokers.
  • Timely, relevant insight into sales performance.
  • Create a consistent, standardized business process across inside sales and external brokers.
  • Streamline access to information about member history and team performance.
  • Limit potential for errors to occur that slow down the application process.
  • Increase shared insight into sales performance and activities.
  • Streamlined application process with automated verification of licenses and regulations.
  • Decrease application processing time up to 95%.
  • Increase client and broker satisfaction by providing a multilingual service, and fully supporting bilingual selling agents.
The accelerator increases productivity and opportunities for revenue by streamlining the quote to cash process, providing a complete view of all members’ data and purchasing trends, expanding insight of all agents’ sales pipelines, and promoting collaboration among teams and departments.