Strategic Roadmap

Without a solid direction in place, it will be difficult to navigate your way through a successful Salesforce integration. Third Wave will work with your team to design a customized road map to help you clearly identify where it is you are headed and how you will get there with a focused course of action. With everyone on the same path you will reap the benefits of high performance and team alignment.  

In order to ensure we are asking the right questions to frame your future solution solidly, Third Wave focuses on “probleming” instead of “solutioning.” To derisk your first large Salesforce Cloud project, we examine your existing systems and interview your end users and business leaders with an eye toward uncovering hidden priorities and potential scope issues.

As we work through the process, we:
  • outline a user-story scaffolding;
  • develop priorities and achieve team agreement on project phases;
  • perform a function-point analysis; and
  • develop a 3-point estimate for cost and schedule options.
Project deliverables include a user-story scaffold, detailed discovery document, and a discovery summary presentation. Together, these deliverables form the ideal input for our Agile Consulting implementation approach.
Context Diagram screenshot
Context Diagram
Estimate Table screenshot
Estimate Table