Lightning Readiness & Conversion

Stuck in the 2000’s with Salesforce Classic? It’s time to make the switch!

Lightning Experience is not only the future but is now becoming the current reality. With the Winter ’18 Release features, it’s apparent that Lightning is now ready to strike. Even though Salesforce is not likely to retire Classic soon, more and more features are being implemented for Lightning only. The focus on enhancements and fixes has now shifted from Classic to Lightning.

What does this mean for me and my business?

If you don’t migrate soon, then you will miss out on the fancy new Lightning-only features. Not to mention, the longer you wait, the more resources and financial impact you will face by customizing Classic features that are already provided or easily configured in Lightning.

There are some great resources available to start your evaluation process (see below) but in the end, it’s best to consult with the experts on what the specific transition would look like for your business and allow them to outline your roadmap for a flawless flip.

Myth Buster:

  1. Some believe that once you roll out Lightning you can never go back to Classic. That’s simply not the case. The two systems can co-exist in your environment. For now, you can still go back to Classic if there are features that are not currently supported by Lightning. In fact, the two environments will most likely co-exist for a little while longer, until Lightning has full parity with all Classic functionalities.
  2. Others think that the task of rolling out lightning for the entire organization is much too daunting. But guess what? You don’t have to roll out Lightning to your entire organization all at once. You can start with a pilot group and do your roll out in phases. In fact, this is the recommended way of rolling out Lightning.
  3. The most common myth is that you can simply flip the switch to Lightning and everything will magically work. Sadly, this is not the case. You are going to need to follow a few steps and call on the pros to ensure it’s done right.

Where do I start?

Educate yourself before making any decisions and partner with the pros to ensure the process is painless.

  1. Start by running a Lightning Readiness Check. This high-level evaluation will give you a feel for how ready your instance is to migrate to Lightning.
  2. Preview the Lightning Experience, without switching it on. Keep in mind even though it is a preview, you are in your live environment, so any changes to your data, when previewing Lightning Experience, will prevail.
  3. Refer to the Lightning Experience Roadmap document that Salesforce provides. This is a great outline of what features are happening in each release and what’s to come.
  4. Don’t make the switch without consulting with the pros. Contact Third Wave to find out more about how we can support your transition to Lightning.