Cloud Integration

Cloud integration is not enterprise integration, and assessing trade-offs to choose the right approach can be a challenge, especially if you already have one or more enterprise systems. Unfortunately, unless your existing platforms are Cloud ready and geared for off-premise integration, your business can incur considerable expense in developing or licensing Salesforce adapters.

Because of Salesforce’s success, demand for integration has generated a dearth of Cloud-integration options. Our team of industry-certified consultants analyzes your Salesforce interfacing requirements, recommends the best tools, designs the approach, and implements your solution.

Our project implementation covers the following activities:

  • Reviewing business scenarios and eliciting stakeholder requirements
  • Identifying target system capabilities and selecting integration technology
  • Designing transaction sequences for optimal throughput/performance
  • Identifying exception paths and logging architecture and notification events
  • Developing end-to-end instrumentation and monitoring performance
  • Managing the system integration test plan and promoting to production
Context Diagram screenshot
Context Diagram