Ensuring your Project is a Success

I got 99 problems but a project ain’t one!

Third Wave has implemented and customized hundreds of solutions on the Salesforce platform and learned more than a few valuable lessons along the way. What we continue to stay focused on are the common factors that contribute to the success of each project we execute. (We define a successful project as one that is on budget and on time while meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients.)

By focusing on these best practices, you can avoid the roadblocks and struggles that can come hand in hand with implementing new technology. So, we thought we’d share our top 5 to help ensure your next project is a success.

1. Metrics make the world go round.

Align on common objectives, goals, KPI’s and other metrics. Often on a client project various stakeholders and business users have their own agenda. This can lead to push and pull with scope thus affecting everything within the project plan. Getting everyone bought into common outcomes helps align expectations and is one factor that will contribute to a successful project.

2. Requirements first, solution later.

Do not buy solutions without understanding requirements. When working with solution providers, understand what you are trying to achieve first and then tap into the years of experience within a chosen provider to pick the right solution. We, more times than not, see clients purchasing solutions and then try to fit requirements into these solutions. This immediately pushes the project into a corner that can be challenging to escape from.

3. User Adoption 101

Identify business users early on that will help drive success and adoption. Business users are often left until the end of a project to get involved. This is a common mistake. Involving them early in developing the solution will naturally lead to more buy-in to the solution along the way. As a business user, it can add a lot of comfort and excitement knowing that their peers are bought into a solution and understand it early on. Lack of user adoption is the number 1 reason software implementations fail. Inclusion from the beginning can mitigate this.

4. Don’t let deadlines be dictators.

Have the project plan dictate the schedule. This will lead to the right solution versus a fast solution. We often have clients dictate schedules before any other discussions have been had. “This needs to get done by the end of Q4” is a common comment. There are lots of moving pieces in an organization that often need to line up at similar times but what is often forgotten is what impact will this have to the business if the timeline is rushed. Our most successful projects are ones that have the flexibility to collaborate with a client on schedule ensuring enough time is spent to deliver a solid solution.

5. Trust is a Must.

Trust in the methodology. We have a proven track record of implementing solutions in a certain way. We know it works when followed. It’s a recipe for success…the secret sauce. If a client wants to change the recipe we cannot guarantee a successful solution or delicious baked good in this scenario. Let us do what we do best.

Keep in mind that every project is different, and this is just the tip of the iceberg for what can lead to a successful project. Our team is here for support and happy to help guide you through your journey. See you in the Cloud.

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