Third Wave

A team for you

There are many benefits to CRM. But you get that already. Collaborating across departments, streamlining processes, measuring performance, and accelerating success are at the centre of customer centric. But what’s different when it comes to how you implement Salesforce?

At Third Wave, we passionately want you to realize the benefits of customer focus in the Cloud. In our approach, we believe that system constraints should not dictate your business process. That to customize is to truly optimize. We understand people are your real ‘expert system’ and that our work is to empower them. Your strength is knowing your business, ours is managing your Salesforce journey. We know the plan fails unless your whole team has a voice and a purpose in achieving their full potential.

Our relationship with you only grows by exceeding your expectations, earning your trust, and, oddly enough, having you enjoy the doing.

In the cloud means in control

A centralized, cloud-based view of your customer is key to streamlining your business process and optimizing your decision making. We specialize in cloud-driven innovation, using Salesforce and to develop customized solutions. We’ve also developed a suite of proven accelerators for the oil and gas industry and a versatile economic development application for government agencies.

We treat problems as opportunities
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Problems solved

Third Wave employees are innovative problem solvers. We are a diverse, experienced team of professionals that work together to customize solutions for our clients. We’ve collaborated with small and large companies in the public and private industries, but our job always remains the same: to make your business better.

Achieving excellence

No two businesses are alike and neither are solutions. We collaborate with you to customize your solution for your unique business objectives. Our clients always feel confident, comfortable, and in control throughout the entire collaborative process.

Fundamental to our Agile Consulting approach are iterative sprints – complete functional units produced every few weeks. Sprints yield real results early so that we can integrate your feedback into subsequent iterations, prioritize and build on successes. Sprint by sprint, your project moves forward, gathering tangible business value along the way.


Third Wave Consulting has been in the business of cloud-based CRM optimization since 2003, when we became the first partner in Canada to implement Salesforce-based solutions. We have three offices but only one impressive team that collaborates on both national and international projects. Our expertise is broadly applicable — we’ve completed projects in the oil and gas, manufacturing, and telecom industries as well as in the public sector.